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Social Impact Report

CVC’s annual Social Impact Report attempts to capture the aggregate outcomes that occur at the Villages across our rich network of more than 20 partner agencies.


2,049 people lived in short-term, transitional, and permanent housing at CVC in 2015. Services like the new TCC health clinic are available to all residents.

The report is used to identify community needs and shortcomings while promoting both campus-wide and individual agency performance improvements. It helps coordination and collaboration across agencies with the end result being that of a stronger community, more sharing of resources, fewer redundancies, and ultimately better outcomes for residents.

We hope the report demonstrates value to our collective stakeholders that have invested significant resources the Villages, and generates new interest and renewed support for the campus and our partners. This additional support will help to build capacity and create more value, helping to ensure CVC’s long term sustainability and success in achieving its mission.

We invite you to download the 2016 Social Impact Report, to learn more about our approach to ending the cycle of homelessness.


2015 Social
Impact Report

2014 Social
Impact Report

Economic Impact Report

We asked Primm Research to run the numbers on the economic impact of CVC’s activities on surrounding communities and the results blew us away. In 2015 alone, our operations supported over 600 jobs in Los Angeles County while contributing more than $23 million of household earnings and $30.3 million of total economic output! Details below.

 2016 Economic Report

Social Impact Report Archive

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