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Be B.O.L.D. After-School Program

Be B.O.L.D is an after school program for kids ages 11-16, developed, organized, and led by Cherisse Goodman, CVC Resident Service Coordinator. This program provides teenagers with the opportunity to “Become Outstanding Leaders and Dreamers.” Cherisse has created a safe space for teenagers to develop their identity, socialize with their peers, and work towards goals they have set for themselves. Be B.O.L.D. has also incorporated CVC’s Occupational Therapy Student Internship program to enhance opportunities for the kids. Tiffany Vintayen, an occupational therapy (OT) student from California State University, Dominguez Hills and Ronnie Dallatore, an OT student from University of Southern California have spent hours with these teenagers in both group settings and individually. The OT students offer SELF exploration and participation in leisure activities such as baking, photography, art, graphic design, and boxing. OT students also provide guidance in interpersonal and social skills such as expression of emotions, problem-solving, and how to approach and converse with people around the community. By combining their own interests with the group’s enthusiasm, Ronnie and Tiffany were able to build real relationships with the teenagers and contribute to the safe space created by Cherisse in the after-school program.

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