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Campus Services

Residents within any stage of our continuum are supported by an array of nurturing programs and services. These services are geared around increasing independence and self-sufficiency, bolstering the mission of the campus.

CVC’s Oasis Community Center offers programming that helps both adults and children through their path to self-sufficiency and stability.  The Center offers daily adult skill-building classes which increase residents’ knowledge and capacity in five key areas: Career Planning, Parenting, Personal Growth, Financial Literacy, and Computer Competency.  In addition to the group classes, the Center offers individualized help which includes an assessment of the client’s needs, an open computer lab, the development of goals and hands on assistance and advocacy in achieving these goals. The Oasis Center is at the heart of CVC’s larger Community Development plan that includes organizing regular community and family events that promote cooperation, increasing the engagement of residents, providing healthy recreational and educational activities, and promoting family cohesiveness and community connectedness.  (562) 388-8080

The Children’s Clinic (TCC) offer comprehensive health care, dispensary services, and health education amongst other services to residents of the Villages at Cabrillo and beyond.  (562) 933-0471

Los Angeles Habilitation House (LAHH) offers transitional and permanent employment, training and career opportunities in green janitorial services, record and document management (digitalization, storage, secure destruction), and administrative services (reception, filing, office support) to persons who live with mental and physical disabilities, including veterans. LAHH believes that by providing a supportive work place clients learn important transferable skills (e.g., critical thinking), gain confidence, and learn to take pride in both themselves and their work. (562) 388-8073

Comprehensive Child Development (CCD) offers child care and a quality early childhood education curriculum for children whose parents work, are in job training, and/or are seeking permanent housing. (562) 388-8160

The Bethune Transitional Center is also housed on the CVC campus. This center is the hub for the coordination of services for all homeless students in the Long Beach Unified School District.  Bethune works with school counselors and administrators to identify homeless students and then to provide services so that children can achieve academically. To promote continuity and stability at time when many things are unstable, Bethune ensures that homeless children have the opportunity to continue to attend the school in which they were last enrolled even if they were forced to move out of the district due to their housing circumstances.  Bethune provides students with school supplies (e.g., backpacks, uniforms, books, etc.), coordinates transportation for students who must commute to school, and coordinates student placements. (562) 435-2050

U.S.VETS Work Re-entry Programs are designed to help veterans obtain and maintain employment. The programs address a variety of barriers veterans experience to employment, including lack of job skills, life skills, mental health and substance abuse issues. U.S.VETS has both residential back-to-work programs, and Career Centers that offer employment assistance to all veterans. (562) 200-7330

V.A Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) is a satellite outpatient clinic located at the Villages at Cabrillo for veterans.  The clinic is managed by the Veterans Administration. (562) 826-8415

Long Beach Multi-Service Center (MSC) is an off-site multi-service access center operated by the City of Long Beach provides homeless support services for homeless people in Long Beach. Services include case management and referral services including to Century Villages at Cabrillo, if appropriate.  Secondary services for people in the case management program include basic amenities of shower, a mail and message center, street outreach, van shuttle transportation, employment services, medical care, mental health services, substance abuse treatment, HIV/AIDS services, shelter referral, and housing coordination.
(562)733-1147 (Service/Intake)