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Everyone loves summer and children love Summer Camp but for some children the cost of a traditional camp is out of reach for their families. You can help support summer camp for children living in shelters and supportive housing at the Villages. This year we will host two camps five days a week starting in July.

The We Are B.O.L.D. program is excited to announce its 2018 Summer program. Middle and high school students will be able to participate in several “camps,” coinciding with different times of the day. Camps will include sports (basketball, football, volleyball, and soccer), art, music, cooking, working out, dance, and summer school tutoring.

The Oasis Summer Camp is planning activities for children ages 5-11 which include gardening, cooking and nutrition, storytelling and writing, arts and crafts, yoga and mindfulness, and more!

All donations are appreciated and will go so far in helping our kids this summer!

  • $25       Adopt 1 child or teen for 1 week
  • $50       Provide snacks for the campers for 1 week
  • $100     Adopt 1 child or teen for the entire summer
  • $500     Allow 10 children or teens to attend the End of Summer Field Trip
  • $1000   Adopt 10 children or teens for the Entire Camp