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Health and Housing Hero Recognition for Century!

We are pleased to report that CVC was recognized as a 2017 Health and Housing Hero by The Children’s Clinic (TCC) during a National Health Center Week event at the Villages.  You may recall, we developed a Federally Qualified Health Center within Cabrillo Gateway several years ago.  Since then, TCC has blossomed within the space and the larger Villages community, providing comprehensive, high quality and life-affirming health care services to our residents and the larger West Long Beach community.  At the well attended festivities, a number of other organizations were recognized including the Long Beach Department of Health & Human Services, Mental Health America, Christian Outreach in Action, and Long Beach Rescue Mission. Congressman Lowenthal provided remarks and spoke to the importance of community health centers in expanding healthcare amongst previously uninsured and underinsured populations (via the Affordable Care Act).  Also featured were a number of TCC patients all of whom resided (or presently reside) at the Villages.  The event was an important reminder about the role that housing plays in promoting health and wellness and represented validation for the work do and the collaborations we help to create and support.  Congratulations team on this recognition!