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Samuel Davis – Veteran, Stuntman, Father, Grandfather

If you visit the CVC campus and you are lucky, you will find Sam Davis hanging out in front of the Canteen talking to other veterans or just taking in the sights. Sam is gentle man, easy to talk to, with a quiet manner and piercing green eyes. His hands are like anvils. I try to imagine the fear he must have instilled in Army recruits as a drill instructor, with his 6’4” frame, teaching field survival for those going to Vietnam.

They started using Huey helicopters and I taught the guys what to do once they hit the ground. I was 17 years old and the only one in my family, the only outlaw, to leave the dairy farm in Connecticut. Growing up on the East Coast, I had never really experienced racism. A lot of the guys would not accept me as a leader.”

Read the rest of Samuel Davis’ story as told by our own René Castro, Director of Community Engagement, in the Spring Edition of the Village Anchor newsletter.